Speaking of the Italian band TALCO es speaking of one of the most influents european bands in the world of festive music. They began 14 years ago, right when the meda predicted "something unexcpected" is happening in the italian punk scene, that was living a permanent crisis.?Their first LP, the overwhelming Tutti Assolti, came with a brutal live act. With their next two records, Combat Circus (2006) y Mazel Tov (2008), they seduced Italy and Germany thanks to their personal style and matureness, wich is know by today as Punkchanka, a tribute to Mano Negra.

With the presentation of Mazel Tov, the band appears in some of the most important festivals in Europe, making the band more and more active. Songs like“La Torre” y “St. Pauli Pauli” becomes real anthems. They collaborate with the german FC St. Pauli players in a single sung in german and they´re even invited to play at their stadium in their centenary.

2010 TALCO signs with Destiny Records, who reprints Combat Circus and Mazel Tov. With the german label they release in 2011 La Cretina Comedia, where the band starts to work out different lyrics. The tour is becomeing is an unprecedented success, with sold out venues all along Germany, Russia, France, Spain or Eastern Europe. But, in 2012, with Gran Galà, the band breaks all their records, becoming their most celebrated record up to date. Their first single "La Danza dell´Autunno Rosa” is an immediate success wich is opening the band to a wider public. More than 200 shows in the last 2 years finally brings a reward.

2014 is another key year for TALCO. The band celebrates their 10 years as a band recording in Iruña (Basque Country) a live record that synthetizes two magic nights. This became 10 years, a double live album with a bouns DVD with the history of the band so far. The "10 years" tour confirms their consolidation and makes´em play in some of the best european festivals.

After this tour and the changes needed to make a band grow, Silent Town arrives, published by Barcelona´s label Kasba Music. The new songs are a perfect blend beetween the strenght of Combat Circus and Mazel Tov and the melodies of La Cretina Comedia and Gran Galà. It´s considered their most mature and laboured work, wich shows TALCO in their full expression. With Silent Town the band lives their best moment of their career. Until January 2017 the band played 110 shows in only one year, with the "Sold Out" sign almost at every venue. Their name is always visible at the top european festival and they bring on their music all over Spain, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Russia, Holland, Belgium... until mid 2017. Then, they celebrate the 10th anniversary of Combat Circus with a special tour called “Combat Circus Goes To Silent Town”.

Talco are locked now to record And The Winner isn’t, and it´s going to be released february 2018. March would mean their return to the road.

¡The Punkchanka can never be stopped!


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