Bull Brigade

Bull brigade was Born from the ashes of Banda del Rione and Youngang, two iconic italian punk Oi! bands from Torino. The need of the charismatic singer Eugy was to build something important to leave a true mark in the scene, so in the 2006 he formed Bull Brigade. During the years The Band changed line up, taking in members from band ss S-Contro, Gavroche, Kill Joy, Cervelli Stanki...in the last years the band added some punk rock and hardcore influences to the pure first street punk, giving to the fans energy and powerful live performances. The turning point was in 2008 when Bull Brigade released their first album "Strade Smarrite", album that early became a masterpiece for the italian street punk scene, because of its music and especially for the singalong lyrics. Bull Brigade promoted the album with many important shows in Italy and Europe. "Vita Liberta'", the second album, was released in 2016, getting great responses from the diehard fans and helping the band gaining new followers. After many years touring around Italy and Europe the band is now a solid reality in the international punk scene.
In 2018 Bell Brigade recorded a split album with the great spanish band Non Servium, this ep gives the band the chance to play important shows in Spain and  for the first time to go across the european border playing in Santiago del Chile. In the end of 2019 came out an english version of the anthem a Way of Life recordered on a 7 inch. 2020 begins with the release of the band's first english ep, called "Stronger than time".